• February 12, 2016
    Great night out at @borderlinebar for some line dancing with my boy @dustinsturm1. #livingcountry...
  • January 24, 2016
    Was lucky enough to take is lovely young lady for her first trail ride...


  • Guys in Cowboy Hats
    Finding My "Country Family"
    Country friends, especially those of you in Los Angeles... we are not alone. Now, I don't mean that in an X-files "I believe..." kind...
  • Rawhide Ranch
    My very first truly influential experience with anything "country" was a camp I attended down towards San Diego. If anything can be credited with planting...
  • Me at Tractor Supply Co
    It's Far From Easy
    There's one frustrating fact that is reinforced in my mind every time I visit my family here in Northern California: trying to live a country lifestyle...
  • Sunset Behind Fence
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  • A View of Lake Piru on the Way to the Campground
    REVIEW: Lake Piru Campground and Recreation Area
  • REVIEW: City of Pasadena Public Archery Range
  • Ariat Rambler Men's Square Toed Western Boot
    REVIEW: Ariat Rambler Men's Square Toe Western Boot
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